… is a Division of Liquid Gas Services Ltd (LGS), formed to provide Cathodic Protection Services throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Advanced Cathodics has adopted LGS values, health, safety and environment standards, service levels, operational standards and dispute resolution procedures. Our Cathodic Protection Division is based in Auckland.


Advanced Cathodics are able to supply all products and services that are required for Cathodic Protection including but not limited to:

* Cathodic protection system audits
* Cathodic protection system design
* Cathodic protection consultation and advice
* Direct current voltage gradient surveys (DCVG)
* RCS corrosion probe reading
* Pipeline cathodic protection fault location
* Utility line service location
* Coatings inspection
* Soil resistivity testing
* Supply of galvanic anodes
* Supply of impressed current anodes
* Flange isolating kits
* Electrical hazard identification
* Cathodic protection test equipment rental

Our Technicians have experience working on CP systems all over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. They have been trained by the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) and hold certificates in Cathodic Protection Monitoring, and Advanced Cathodic Protection.

They are also qualified Permit Receivers and have undertaken Hazard ID, first aid, gas testing and fire fighting training. This enables us to work on oil & gas cathodic protection projects, as well as civil cathodic protection projects.

LGS is an approved contractor to Rockgas, Vector, Genesis and Elgas and are also capable of undertaking installation and repairs on cathodic protection systems.

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