Liquid Gas Services Ltd is the exclusive agent for the full range of Elixir electronic LPG filling equipment, including parts and accessories (Manufactured by Kosel Industries Sdn. Bhd.) for New Zealand.   The full range of Elixir electronic LPG filling equipment including the AS 575 AS 675 and AS675M systems and their variants (formerly manufactured by Actronic Limited) and has been used successfully in New Zealand and Australia for more than 20 years.   Kosel Industried Sdn. Bhd. (a member of Elpiji Malaysia Group) is an ISO 9001 certified company and is experienced and renowned manufacturer of LPG-related equipment, including Elixir electronic LPG filling equipment, Kosangas vaporisers, LPG cylinder reconditioning and requalification equipment, storage tanks and pressure vessels.   The Elixir rage of electronic LPG filling equipment is now ATEX-approved for all countries in the European Union.  Currently our Elixir equipment has been marketed successfully in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Italy, Netherlands, Samoa, American Samoa, and Poland.  


The Cybil Software program provides the facility to electronically capture and report on information about plant filling operations. This information may be used to improve the monitoring, control and trace-ability of cylinder filling operations and provides a convenient facility for fault analysis.

The Cybil Software is a Windows based program that will run on computers using the Windows 10 or Windows NT operating systems.

What does Cybil do?

The Cybil software records operating data from plant equipment connected to the Cybil computer via the AS686 Communications Interface.