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The AS575 system consists of three parts:
* a weighing platform, type AS579
* a power supply in a flame proof enclosure, type AS574
* an indicator/control unit, type AS570.

The platform can measure weights up to 99.9kg. Cylinders to be filled are weighed on the platform and the indicator/control unit operates the LPG pump and a solenoid valve to control the flow of LPG into the cylinder.

The indicator/control unit also calculates and displays the price and weight of the LPG dispensed and communicates with the forecourt computer.

Larger LPG cylinders are filled automatically. The control unit calculates the amount of gas to be dispensed and the cylinder to be filled is placed on the platform and its weight is monitored as the LPG is pumped into it. When the cylinder is filled to the correct amount the control unit turns off the pump and valve.






The Small cylinders are filled manually, using the ullage valve to indicate that the cylinder is full. The cylinder is then weighed to check that its total weight does not exceed the maximum allowable weight as calculated by the control unit.

Before filling any cylinder, two numbers must be entered into the indicator.

These are: i) WC (Water Capacity of the cylinder in kg) and ii) EW (Empty Weight of the cylinder in kg.)

From this cylinder data, the control unit automatically determines which method of filling is to be used.

Normally, cylinders with a Water Capacity of 5kg or more (this figure may be set to other values as required) are filled automatically by weight and those with a Water Capacity of less than 5kg are filled manually to ullage by decanting.

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