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The AS675 system consists of:


  • An AS670 digital control unit and weigh indicator that has the following functions:
    * Processes the signal from the load cell in the weighing platform and converts it to a weight reading to be displayed on the LCD display.
    * Calculates and displays the maximum gross weight of the cylinder to be filled.
    * Controls the LP Gas flow by controlling the solenoid valve (or valves).
    * Communicates weight and cylinder information with a remote computer if available.
  • An AS574 power supply unit, which has the following functions:
    * Provides the power requirements of the AS670
    * Contains the relays that control the pump and valve(s).
    * Provides an intrinsically safe communications interface between the AS670 and the computer.
  • A load cell based weighing platform containing a single point load cell.

The full-scale weight capacity of the system is 99.9 kg

The purpose of AS675 system is to safely fill cylinders to their nominal (gas) capacity (“Cylinder Category Filling”) and in some cases their safe gas capacity (“No Cat Filling”).

AS675 2The cylinder to be filled is placed on a weighing platform and filled to either a safe nominal weight or to a safe weight based on the water capacity (WC) of the cylinder. By controlling solenoid-operated valves and in some cases a pump, the LP Gas from the main reservoir is dispensed into the cylinder. The indicator calculates and displays the maximum allowable cylinder weight and the amount of LP Gas contained in that cylinder.